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Training Formats and Options

SecureNinja provides several different formats and options for training to best fit the needs of our students. We specialize in the “boot camp” method of full-immersion for the greatest retention of knowledge and highest certification exam pass rates.

In-Person Training

The In-Person format is the most traditional. As expected, this is a course format that is delivered face-to-face, in real time in our classrooms.

Live Online Training

The Live Online formats is a virtual form of the in-person training option. Students can attend a live class in real-time from any location using streaming video and audio technology. For some of the certification courses we offer, students can also sit for the exams remotely.

Blended Training

The Blended Training format provides a great deal of flexibility to our students by allowing them to attend either In-Person or Live Online as their availability permits. The Blended Training format is perfect for students who do not wish to commute for every session or have a work or family commitment that would keep them from otherwise attending the training in our classroom for the duration of the boot camp.

Group Training

The Group Training Format provides an extremely high value proposition for organizations requiring several employees or even entire divisions to receive certification or knowledge-based training concurrently. SecureNinja provides an expert instructor, courseware and all support materials anywhere in the world.

Group Training - Client Venue

SecureNinja will provide a Group Training solution directly to a classroom location provided by your organization, anywhere in the world.  This training option is private.

Group Training - SecureNinja Venue

SecureNinja will provide the Group Training venue either at our classrooms or a procured location close to your organization, anywhere in the world. This could be private training for just your organization or open to public enrollment.

Computer Based Training

Computer Based Training, or CBT, is and asynchronous online training format. Class lectures and lab exercise videos are pre-recorded and available 24 hours a day for a period of 6 month or 1 year depending on the certification course. All material is accessed over the Internet through a standard web browser.