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Cost Saving Voucher Programs

Are you a training manager with requirements to train your personnel?  You may qualify for significant discounts when you participate in one of SecureNinja’s pre-paid voucher programs. Our voucher programs will get your team trained and certified and make sure you receive the maximum return on your training investment. Unlike other training centers who offer just one year to redeem your vouchers, SecureNinja provides a full (3) three years to use them from point of purchase.

Voucher Benefits

  • Cost savings
  • Flexibility
  • Fully transferable
  • Great way to help use your year-end budget
  • Motivation tool for your employees
  • You make just 1 purchase
  • Good for up to 3 years of purchase date

Choose from the following two options:

Training Voucher Option 1: BIG Volume Voucher Discount Program

If you have large Cybersecurity training requirements over the next year, but have not firmed up the logistics; the BIG Volume Voucher Discount Program is perfect solution. The program rewards your team with bonus voucher credits which you can use for a variety of SecureNinja training services, the larger your purchase the more credits you will receive. Redeem the vouchers at your convenience giving you added time to effectively plan your education roadmap. Sign up today for unmatched cost savings, convenience and flexibility.

BIG Volume Voucher Discount Program Uses

  • On-Site classes at your Location
  • Public Scheduled Classes
    • Boot Camps
    • Evenings
    • Weekends
  • Live Online Classes
  • Self-Paced Products
  • 1-1 Mentoring

To speak to a SecureNinja Voucher Program Manager and to find out the level of discount you may receive call 703-535-8600 Option 1 or fill out the form to the right with your requirements. 

Training Voucher Option 2 : Ninja Packs

Ninja packs were created in response to smaller groups of corporate employees who have locked down the amount of training days they need throughout the year and still would like to receive significant savings for their multiple purchases. 

  • 10 Pack = 10 training days for $ 5445
  • 15 Pack = 15 training days for $ 7895
  • 20 Pack = 20 training days for $ 9945
  • 30 Pack = 30 training days for $ 14,445
  • 40 Pack = 40 training days for $ 18,295
  • 50 Pack = 50 training days for $ 21,995

Ninja packs apply to most one week courses only, contact a voucher program manager to see which qualify.