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5 Simple Steps to Avoid Being Hacked

Mar. 18, 2019

5 Simple Steps to Avoid Being Hacked

Free Wi-Fi at Starbucks is great and all, but what if I told you every time you connected to a free public network you were giving hackers access to all your private information? A public network is everywhere these days, every coffee shop, library, airport, and hotel offer free Wi-Fi for their guests; however, if consumers do not take precautions then the same free Wi-Fi is available for hackers as well.  

1. Avoid accessing any personal or financial data with a public Wi-Fi

Over 17 million people were subject to identity theft the past 3 years and as technology grows more advanced so are the attackers. Hackers are coming up with new tactics every day and the most popular way is through unprotected online networks. Overall, it is best to access private financial data through a private connection.

2. Turn Off Background Apps

Hackers can easily access background apps that could be tracking your location and information. Instead of allowing location all the time just set your apps to use only while the app is running.

3. Only Use Trusted Apps

Only download trustworthy apps that have tons of reviews. Also, do not click any suspicious links you get via e-mail because those may be phishing links.

4. Use Complex Passwords or a Password Manager

Always use a complex password that is long in length and has a mix of special characters and numbers. It is now a best practice to use a password manager that requires entry via biometrics for extra security.

5. Always Have A Remote Erase Device

Having a device that can remotely erase or lock devices is key. If you lose or someone steals one of your devices almost all of your financial or private data is at risk, so it is key to have a backup plan.

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