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CISSP vs CASP+ Which Certification is Right for you?

Feb. 19, 2019

CISSP vs CASP+ Which Certification is Right for you?

Employers are in desperate need of hardworking, experienced, and technical employees, and as the cybersecurity industry grows many candidates are looking to differentiate themselves from the competition by earning advanced level certifications. CASP+ and CISSP are both hands-on courses that measure and test different skills; however, they are often compared within the cybersecurity industry and many people wonder which one is right for them. CASP+ and CISSP both fall under the DoD 8570 mandate and they both teach essential skills that are required for many careers within the cybersecurity industry such as security engineers, security analysts, and network engineers. The CISSP exam is much longer than the CASP exam but that should not discourage you from not taking it because CASP+ uses simulation questions that require much more time and effort and the exam is performance-based.


What Makes CASP+ and CISSP so Popular?

CASP+ and CISSP are very popular because they are advanced level certifications that show employers that you have adequate knowledge in technical cybersecurity procedures and how to implement different cybersecurity strategies. CASP is more of a technical and hands-on course than CISSP, but CISSP focuses on management strategies that are actively used within the workforce. CISSP is more popular than CASP+ today and is more recognized with employers because of its age and how long it has been around in the industry, and CISSP also teaches candidates essential cybersecurity strategies and is broader and more managerial than the CASP+. The official purpose for the CISSP exam according to (ISC)2 is to measure the knowledge and understanding of new threats, technologies, regulations, and standards and the official purpose of the CASP+ course according to CompTIA is to measure the technical knowledge and skills required to conceptualize, design, and engineer secure solutions across complex enterprise environments.   


Which Certification is Right for me?

Both CASP+ and CISSP certifications bring many benefits to organizations and to individuals because they provide essential technical and managerial knowledge needed to succeed in the cybersecurity industry. These certifications are different but needed within the industry because it allows managers to gain the technical knowledge needed to perform hands-on jobs. CASP+ and CISSP both are filling a gap in the cybersecurity industry where it allows people to move up to management positions in the cybersecurity industry. CISSP is a well-known certification and is well known throughout many different organizations so the return on investment for CISSP is much higher than CASP+; however, CASP+ is rapidly gaining popularity and recognition within the cybersecurity industry because of how big the industry is getting. More candidates are expressing technical knowledge and the CASP+ certification shows employers that you have adequate knowledge in everything technical and CASP+ certification holders report an average salary of $84,000 a year, but the average salary of someone with CISSP is $108,000 because it is intended for higher positions with more responsibilities such as managerial positions.  Overall those who have both of these certifications excel greatly in the cybersecurity industry because they show employers that they have both technical and managerial knowledge so they can effectively work on extensive projects with great results.

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