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CompTIA Announces New Cloud+ Exam Update

Aug. 06, 2020

CompTIA Announces New Cloud+ Exam Update

The CompTIA Cloud + is a cloud computing credential that covers a wide array of technologies and procedures needed for a cloud-oriented role in today’s climate. Arriving in 2021 the new CV0-003 exam update increases a focus on security and making the cloud more available to all users. The latest update to the credential makes it more detailed and tests important security skills needed to be a cloud engineer today. The update also includes an entirely new objective that is dedicated to high availability and the goal is to ensure around the clock access to data and SaaS applications within an organization. Overall, the Cloud + credential is a highly sought-after credential, and the average salary of a Cloud + certified professional is over $78,600.

The New Exam Domains

The exam content is spread across 5 unique domains and each domain is weighted differently. The new exam domains for the CV0-003 exam are as followed:

  1. Cloud Architecture and Design 13%
  2. Security 20%
  3. Deployment 23%
  4. Operations and Support 22%
  5. Troubleshooting 22%

This new credential differentiates itself from AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud certifications by making sure Cloud + candidates understand the importance of multi-vendor cloud skills. Large organizations often run multiple IaaS platforms that require staff to be able to operate and secure multiple major platforms. Cloud + certified professionals verify that they have the skills and knowledge to work across multi-vendor systems.

DoD 8570

In February of 2020, the DoD announced that the CompTIA Cloud + is on the 8570-mandate requiring those who work with sensitive information and certain job requirements to be certified. The DoD 8570 mandate ensures that those who work within the United States government are properly trained and certified to protect and secure private and sensitive data. The DoD approved the CompTIA Cloud + for the following workforce categories Information Assurance Manager Level 1, Cybersecurity Service Provider Infrastructure Support, and CSSP Analyst.

Take the Beta Exam

For a limited time, you can take the newly updated CompTIA Cloud + CV0-003 beta exam for a discounted price of only $50 USD. The beta is available only for a limited number of candidates and the beta exam will close by October 2020. The beta exam is also available for the first time ever through online testing, which allows you to take the exam online through the Pearson Vue online exam taking portal. However, you must meet the following qualifications to take the beta exam:

  • System Administrator, Network Engineer, and Cloud Engineers with two or three years of hands-on experience.
  • Hands-on experience with one of the major IaaS platforms
  • CompTIA Network + and Server + is recommended
  • Familiarity with a major hypervisor


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