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Highest Paid Cybersecurity Positions for 2019

Jan. 21, 2019

Highest Paid Cybersecurity Positions for 2019

The Cybersecurity industry has grown exponentially in 2018 and has evolved into a multibillion-dollar industry with over one million job openings in the cybersecurity field. Cybersecurity experts report an average salary of $120,000 which is three times the national average in the United States of America.


 CISO (Chief Information Security Officer)- $210,000-500,000

Chief Information Security Officers also known as Chief Security Officers, are extremely valuable because they offer a business mindset and technical skills. CISOs also have good management skills as they often oversee security engineers and manage the incident response team. Other CISOs responsibilities also include threat prevention, data privacy, and regulatory compliance.

Cybersecurity Consultant- $90,000-270,000

Cybersecurity consultants help minimize risk by analyzing certain security settings and modifying or maintaining those settings. They also recommend better practices and procedures by utilizing tools and software that can help better the organization. Cybersecurity consultants also help implement firewalls to prevent hackers from obtaining any private information.

Security Engineer- $70,000- 200,000

Security engineers work to prevent breaches or minimize the impact of a breach. If a breach occurs the engineers are the first line of defense and they combat the breach by securing and monitoring systems, installing firewalls and encrypting important data, and finding out vulnerabilities within an organizations network and systems. Engineers also help others in the organization by hosting classes or seminars and teach other employees the basics and how to prevent any data being compromised.

Data Security Analyst- $65,000-150,000

Data security analysts are essential and work to defend sensitive data in major organizations. Security analysts often work to defend information such as credit card details, billing information, customer private data, and other sensitive information. Cloud storage has created many job opportunities for this role as many organizations are making the push to go into cloud storage. Security analysts also report vulnerabilities in an organization and report to the IT security, so they can be corrected or amended.

Penetration Tester- $55,000-128,000

Penetration testers look for vulnerabilities and weaknesses in an organization before hackers can find them. While part of the job is finding and eliminating threats, such as weak or insufficient passwords, penetration testers also work directly with security engineers to find weak links and relay that information back to security engineers.

Are you Prepared?

The cybersecurity industry is growing at an exponential level and there is a job shortage in this industry, so a lot of these jobs are attainable. Cybersecurity jobs are best for someone who is looking to attain financial security, personal fulfillment, and job satisfaction. Working in the cybersecurity industry many companies have also said that they prefer lateral movement in this field, so if an employee was hired in as a penetration tester they can eventually become a CISO. With all of that said if you are interested in joining the cybersecurity industry right now is the time!