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How Long Does It Take to Start a Career in Cyber Security?

Feb. 06, 2020

How Long Does It Take to Start a Career in Cyber Security?

The cybersecurity industry is booming with opportunities. Currently, there are over 504,000 active cybersecurity job listings and it is estimated that there will be 1.5 new million information security jobs by 2021. So, how long does it take to land one of these high paying jobs? Well, that depends on your experience, background, and certifications. Starting with a limited background, most people can get into an entry-level cybersecurity position within two to four years.


Start Your Learning Journey


The internet is open to thousands of free learning resources and YouTube is a very good place to start if you have little to no experience with cybersecurity. Cybersecurity and networking are a rapidly changing industry and there is so much to learn to become a professional, so you should always be learning or enrolled in some sort of training program. A college degree will certainly help in finding a job, but a college degree alone will not be enough. A career in cybersecurity requires a passion for learning. Throughout your entire career, you will be learning and earning certifications.


Create a Certification Goal List


Certifications are very prominent in the cybersecurity industry. They show and prove to employers that candidates are trained and knowledgeable in specific areas or fields. Creating a certification roadmap that is specific to your desired job is a key to success. On average a cybersecurity engineer earns a new certification every 6 months of his/her career. Certifications can be obtained in many ways; however, the fastest and easiest way to earn certification is by participating in a training Bootcamp. A boot camp can not only help you get certified in 5 days, but it will also teach you real-life work skills that can be transitioned into the workforce. Employers all over the world need hardworking and certified professionals. Currently, the most in-demand certifications are CISSP, CISA, and Security +. Having the right certifications show employers that candidates have what it takes to work in the cybersecurity industry.


Attend Cybersecurity Networking Events and Conferences


Networking and building professional connections are just as important as building a stacked resume full of degrees and certifications. Most cybersecurity conferences are free or cheap and there are events everywhere. Attending conferences will allow you to meet and interact with those who are further along in their cybersecurity career than you. Most of these people will be eager to help you and give you tips on how to land a cybersecurity job, especially if they are an industry veteran. Making the right connections can help you in your job search and maybe acquire a mentor that will help guide you to success.

Making a career change or even choosing a career is not an easy task. Remember, it takes most people two to four years to land an entry-level cybersecurity job so take it to step by step. Enjoy the journey and see why the cybersecurity industry is truly the best industry to be a part of.



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