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PenTest+ First Upgrade

Dec. 29, 2021

PenTest+ First Upgrade

What is CompTIA’s PenTest+?

The Pentest+ is a vendor neutral certification created by CompTIA for IT professionals with interest in Penetration Testing.  The certification ensures that the professional has knowledge and skills to perform successful penetration testing as well as vulnerability scanning, understanding legal and compliance requirements, analyzing results and produce written reports with remediation techniques.

Version 2.0 out now

CompTIA first introduced the Pentest+ in 2018 and has since undergone important modifications worth noting. Normally CompTIA releases new exam versions every 3 years to keep up with trends and new technology. On October 28, 2021, CompTIA launched the PT0-002, version 2 of the Pentest+ exam and successor of the PT0-001 exam. The PT0-002 comes with new and revised domains different from the original exam. Reviewing these changes in detail will help you to better prepare yourself for the Pentest+ exam.


By comparing both exam domains you can see where CompTIA made changes. Domains 4 and 5 on the old exam have switched places on the new exam. Domain 5 on the new exam was formerly known as “Penetration Testing Tools” and now recognized as “Tools and Code Analysis”. The weighted value for domains 1, 4 and 5 are also different from the previous exam. The changes can be seen thoroughly below.


PT0-001 Exam Domain (old)

PT0-002 Exam Domain (new)

Planning and Scoping (15%)

Planning and Scoping (14%)

Information gathering and Vulnerability Identification (22%)

Information Gathering and Vulnerability Scanning (22%)

Attacks and Exploits (30%)

Attacks and Exploits (30%)

Penetration Testing Tools (17%)

Reporting and Communication (18%)

Reporting and Communication (16%)

Tools and Code Analysis (16%)



  • How many questions are on the Pentest+ PT0-002?
    The PT0-002 will have a maximum of 85 questions.

  • How much time do I have to complete the Pentest+ exam?
  • Test candidates will have 165 minutes to complete the exam.

  • What’s the price of the Pentest+ PT0-002?
    The price of the PT0-002 is $370.