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Tips for Effective Online Learning

Jun. 04, 2020

Tips for Effective Online Learning

Recently, we have seen a spike in our students asking for more tips and tricks on how they can stay focused while taking an online course, so we wanted to give back as much information to make online learning easier. Online classes require more discipline, time, and effort than regular classes at times; however, by following the following techniques, you have a very high chance of success.


1. Set Daily Goals

First things first, always be sure to take care of both your physical and mental health to ensure a good learning experience. In order to track and stay on top of things, it is important to create a study plan with set daily goals so that you are aware of exactly what you would like to get done. This could be as simple as reading an extra chapter ahead of a session or committing yourself to a certain amount of study time per day. The goal should be clear cut and specific which will not only avoid procrastination, but it will also give you the opportunity to reward yourself after the goal has been met.


2. Find a dedicated study area

Online learning opens the window to almost every distraction the world has to offer, and it requires focus to stay on track even without distractions. Finding an area where you can work, regardless of where it is, is important for success in online learning. Studies have proven that it is also easier to recall information where you first learned it, so having a dedicated study area can make your online learning more effective.


3. Set study blocks

Set aside a couple of hours of your day just to study and make sure you can work these hours without interruptions.  In order to be successful while online learning, you must be organized and diligent in setting time aside to study. The best way to go about setting study blocks is just by committing yourself to a couple of hours a day whenever you feel most productive. Education is important and it should be a high priority so scheduling a couple of hours a day in advance can really make a difference. The schedule will allow you to organize your day more clearly and will make sure you can get everything done.

4. Take notes

Studies have proven that taking notes by hand allows you to remember the material better. In fact, it allows you to remember it much longer than if you were to type out your notes. While taking any complex course taking proper notes is essential and making connections from the curriculum to your real-life is extremely important when it comes to memory retention. Not only will you remember the material far after you have completed the course, but you will also have a much better experience while training online.


5. Participate in discussions

Time is of the essence while training online and most of that time can feel like just studying by yourself if you do not utilize the resources you have. Course discussions and lectures are a great place for clarification and to even socialize with classmates. It is important to utilize the instructor as much as you can because they are there for your success. Asking questions is never a bad idea and online learning makes it extremely easy to ask questions and engage with others in the course. Listening to new topics and ideas from other points of view is one of the amazing benefits of learning together and listening to other opinions can sometimes help you understand topics better.

6. Take breaks

Breaks are highly essential while learning online. Resting your brain is just as important as stuffing it with information so be sure to find the proper study balance that works for you. A common strategy is 50 minutes on and 10 minutes off every hour you dedicate to study. This allows you to keep your mind fresh and stay focused while minimizing the chances of you getting distracted. Take breaks often and try to relax as much as possible by going for a quick walk, socializing with your friends, or even scroll through social media.


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