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Top 3 Cyber security Certifications for Beginners in 2020

Jul. 20, 2020

Top 3 Cyber security Certifications for Beginners in 2020

The cybersecurity industry is still booming with opportunity even with the pandemic that continues to stop almost every other industry today. Due to the higher need for cybersecurity professionals, companies are now looking for those who have practical work skills and are able to efficiently detect vulnerabilities within networks or databases. Organizations are now looking past formal college degrees and are willing to pay heavy salaries to those who are knowledgeable, professional, and communicative. 59% of cybersecurity job roles require at least a minimum of one cybersecurity certification, and in many roles, the need for a college degree is not necessary.

1. CompTIA Security +

The CompTIA Security+ is a very popular certification created by CompTIA a major vendor in the cybersecurity certification industry. This certification is specially designed to help people transition careers or jobs into cybersecurity from practically anywhere. The Security + credential shows employers and organizations that you know the basics of cybersecurity, have a solid understanding of networking and understand exactly what it takes to be a successful cybersecurity professional in a modern scenario. The Security + is often required for positions because of how through the exam is and how useful the credential is in itself. Overall, the Security + certification follows professionals throughout their entire career.


With recent changes in February of 2020, the CCNA credential is also very well known for being an amazing entry-level credential. Like the Security + the CCNA was designed to help transition non-technical people into the world of networking and help them understand complex networks. The new CCNA allows for customization and allows students to choose their career path by choosing which CISCO specific certification pathway to follow. This shows us that the industry is changing away from formal education as more specialized and specific training is needed and desired from employers. The new CISCO training pathway is the first step into making cybersecurity and networking certifications much more valuable and specialized than they are today.

3. CompTIA CySA+

The CySA+ or cybersecurity analyst credential by CompTIA is a very popular and in-demand certification because it gives students a hands-on look inside the world of cybersecurity. The CySA+ looks at both methods of cybersecurity, attack, and defense, and it is the only credential that gives students an inside look as to what it takes to be a successful cybersecurity analyst. This credential is a bit more advanced than the previous credentials, so we recommend taking the Security+ or CCNA before taking the CySA+ if you come from a background with no technical experience. The CySA+ is currently the only credential available that gives students and candidates the knowledge needed to successfully detect, respond, and legally report threats within enterprise networks.


The bottom line is that there are plenty of cybersecurity certifications out there and they all specialize in their own specifics; however, the three on this post were carefully chosen. They were chosen because all of the exams needed to earn these credentials can be taken online and from the comfort of your own home. Combined with SecureNinja online learning, you can earn all three of these certifications within three weeks! Our proven online platform has been a huge success and has allowed our students to continue learning and striving through these hard -times. Call 703-535-8600 today to speak with one of our academic advisors on how you can become a cybersecurity professional right from home.