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Top 5 Most Valuable Cybersecurity Certifications

Jun. 03, 2020

Top 5 Most Valuable Cybersecurity Certifications

It’s no secret that a cybersecurity certification can be the key to a successful career in the cybersecurity and IT industry, but the question is which certifications do employers want? There are thousands of certifications that cover a countless number of complex topics, but how can you pick out which certifications are the best? The demand for security professionals continues to grow and the need for certified professionals is strong. Getting started in the industry can be challenging if you do not have goals or targets in mind before starting to prepare and train. Knowing which certifications to aim for can greatly help you in finding your spot in the industry. In this article, we are going to cover 5 highly demanded certifications by employers according to the cybersecurity employment tool,


1. ISC (2) CISSP

The CISSP or Certified Information Systems Security Professional is an internationally recognized and advanced certification. Offered by ISC (2), this certification was just recently deemed as the U.K equivalent to a master’s degree which shows just how valuable this certification truly is. Currently, there are over 112,428 job openings that request a CISSP certification and over 84,802 professionals currently hold the CISSP certification. This certification sets itself apart from others by focusing on the management aspect of cybersecurity, and it shows employers that candidates who earn the CISSP can manage and lead a team of cybersecurity professionals.


The CISA or Certified Information Systems Auditor certification focuses on helping IT auditors by helping them understand the industry and workplace better. CISA is globally recognized as a mark of excellence in a cybersecurity professional because it combines work and educational experience while providing candidates with recognition and credibility. Currently, there are over 60,486 job openings that request a CISA certification and over 36,952 cybersecurity professionals currently hold a CISA certification. Being CISA certified showcases your audit experience, skills, and knowledge in the security industry.


GIAC or Global Information Assurance Certification is a certification program that allows for cybersecurity professionals to certify in advanced and complex topics. Currently, GIAC offers more than 30 certifications that cover a vast array of topics; however, the typical GIAC certification requires rigorous training and preparation before the exam which is why training is more than recommended. Over 63,712 professionals currently hold a GIAC certification and there are over 46,919 job openings that request a GIAC certification. The GIAC certification is rapidly growing and it is recognized internationally.  

4. CompTIA Security +

Security + is arguably the most valuable certification on this list because it is the most demanded. Currently, there are 45,061 job openings requiring the Security + certification, and over 151, 853 professionals are already Security + certified. CompTIA being an industry leader in the cybersecurity industry gives the Security + international recognition, and it is also on the DoD 8140 directive. This certification shows employers that you understand the baseline foundational knowledge needed to work in a cybersecurity environment.


The CISM or Certified Information Security Manager certification is intended to help information security practitioners and technicians to be able to move into management positions. This certification covers just about everything in regard to managing a team of cybersecurity professionals and it dives deep into organizational security and compliance. Similar to the CISSP, the CISM is intended for those who are currently managers, or those who wish to move into a management position. Currently, there are over 38,552 job openings requesting a CISM certification, and over 15,587 professionals currently hold a CISM certification.


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