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What are the Differences Between ITIL 4 VS ITIL v3?

Jun. 06, 2019

What are the Differences Between ITIL 4 VS ITIL v3?

A new version of ITIL version 4 was released in February 2019. It is known to be the world’s most popular IT service (ITSM). ITIL 4 is an expanded version of ITIL v3 which provides additional support to various organizations through their journey to an open world of digital transformation. ITIL 4 provides information on IT/operating models for delivery and operation towards tech devices and services. This will give the IT industry a crucial aspect of a wider business strategy. 

1. The Differences

ITIL v3 will remain the same throughout the basic foundations for the exam in regard to achieving the basic knowledge to move forward towards the new version known as ITIL 4. The differences from the older versions are additional practices and materials on integration. ITL 4 encourages increased collaboration, facilitating communication across the entire organization, fewer siloes, and the integration of Agile and DevOps into ITSM strategies. 

2. How to Transition From ITIL v3 to ITIL 4

If you are already ITIL v3 certified, you have will have an opportunity to take the ITIL 4 foundation exam. The new exam contains a large amount of material, therefore a new single exam is required to access the knowledge and understanding of the new guidance. ITIL v3 is still important to take in gaining at least 17 credits in order to take the ITIL Managing Professional Transition Module (One course, One exam). If you have made it to the ITIL v3 expert series, then you can take the ITIL Managing Professional Transition module. If you complete both of the streams you will be eligible to move towards ITIL Master.

3. Levels For The Certification:

ITIL Specialist modules (3)

  • Create, Deliver, and Support
  • Driver Stakeholder Value
  • High Velocity IT

ITIL Strategist

  • Direct, Plan, and Improve

ITIL Leader

  • Digital & IT Strategy

ITIL Master

  • Collaboration
  • Direct observation
  • Design for experience
  • Gaining transparency
  • Focusing on values

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