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What is Computer Forensics and Why is it Important?

Apr. 07, 2019

What is Computer Forensics and Why is it Important?

The cybersecurity industry has grown exponentially in the past decade and so has cybercrime. Hackers are becoming more advanced every day, but computer forensics is used to help investigators find out who is behind the monitor. In recent years, computer forensics has played a vital role in both law enforcement investigations and organizational investigations. Computer forensic investigators are vital to these investigations because they track down hackers, retrieve stolen data, investigate the causes of the incidents, and provide evidence. Computer forensics has been used to solve many high profile cases and continue to help solve thousands of cases across the nation.


Is Computer Forensics a Good Career Choice?

Computer Forensic Analyst currently reports an annual average salary of $98,000, according to ZipRecruiter, and the computer forensic role is continually evolving and growing as well. Being a Computer Forensic Analyst, you will be responsible of tracking down hackers, retrieving loss or stolen data, and providing viable evidence to the organization or in a court of law. Digital data is subjected to many different legal practices and guidelines when it is intended to serve as evidence in court; however, it has been noticed that many US and European court systems are now considering digital evidence to be reliable. The best way to start in this role whether you are new to the cybersecurity industry or a professional is to become certified. Enroll in a CHFI (Computer Hacking Forensics Investigator) training and certification boot camp today to learn more about computer forensics.    

How Can Computer Forensics Help Businesses?

Computer forensics can help businesses by providing digital evidence in a court of law and retrieve stolen or loss data. Organizations can also use computer forensics in both incident response and internal employee investigations to find the cause of a cyber attack or cyber threat. The average cost of a cyber-attack is now $ 1.7 million dollars and using computer forensics can help lower that cost by retrieving lost or stolen data and finding the attacker. 


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