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Which Ethical Hacking Certification is Best for me?

Jan. 27, 2020

Which Ethical Hacking Certification is Best for me?

What is Ethical Hacking?


Ethical hacking is using different black hat hacking methods to better a system and better protect data from hackers. Black hat hackers are the kind of people who hack major corporations and leak millions of consumers' data for profit; however, white hat hackers are those who use the same hacking methods to test and find possible vulnerabilities. Ethical hacking is a new and emerging field in cybersecurity that has endless opportunities, jobs such as digital forensic analysts, security analysts, and intrusion analysts all use ethical hacking regularly. In order to land a job in the ethical hacking field, it is very important to have the best and most valuable certifications to show employers that you have all the skills and ethical hacker needs.


1. CEH - Certified Ethical Hacker


CEH or Certified Ethical Hacker by EC-Council is one of the oldest and most popular certifications on this list because it makes candidates think and work like real hackers. CEH requires individuals to look at different corporate and organizational scenarios and determine just how a hacker could cause damage and how the malicious attack could have been orchestrated. This certification will teach candidates all the different phases of the hacking process and what malicious hackers do to carry out devastating cyber-attacks. CEH has been and will continue to be a very high demand certification that covers everything a cybersecurity professional would need to know about ethical hacking.


2. CompTIA PenTest+


CompTIA’s PenTest+ is a new certification but it is very well known and recognized because it is designed extremely well. The PenTest+ certification is the latest penetration testing and vulnerability assessment and management skills that IT professionals need to run a successful, responsible penetration testing program. This certification helps candidates think like hackers by focusing on both penetration testing and vulnerability assessment within enterprise organizations. Unlike other ethical hacking certifications, the PenTest+ covers everything a professional penetration tester should know, from project planning and scoping to project reporting and communication.


3. OSCP – Offensive Security Certified Professional


OSCP is not very well known as compared to the other certifications on this list but it is the most technical of them all. This certification trumps the others because it is a completely hands-on certification from start to finish. OSCP is designed for technical professionals to prove that they have a clear, practical understanding of the penetration testing process and lifecycle. It is recommended to have a solid technical understanding of networking protocols, software development, and Kali Linux prior to taking the OSCP certification. The OSCP exam is conducted on a virtual sandbox network, and it requires the test take to research the network, identify and vulnerabilities, and then exploiting those vulnerabilities to gain administrative access into the network.


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