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Why CCNA Cyber Ops is the Hottest Cybersecurity Certification for 2019

Feb. 12, 2019

Why CCNA Cyber Ops is the Hottest Cybersecurity Certification for 2019

CCNA Cyber Ops is a certification offered by CISCO and this certification shows that candidates are capable of identifying and eliminating threats within a network. This course is especially important for anyone working in a security operations center because this course was designed for large organizations looking to invest in a security operations system.

The cybersecurity industry is growing faster than ever before and more devices are being added to networks on a daily basis. In 2019 almost everything has a smart edition even simple everyday objects such as refrigerators, washing and drying machines, and vacuums are smart connected devices now. This urges people and organizations to focus on cybersecurity to make sure all of their devices are secure and can properly operate how they should.

How can I Benefit From CCNA Cyber Ops?

CCNA Cyber Ops teaches candidates all necessary skills and goes over essential networking topics. This ensures that all candidates who successfully obtain the CCNA Cyber Ops certification are properly trained and knowledgeable in essential cybersecurity topics. CCNA Cyber Ops uses hands-on labs and interactive online labs making it easier to grasp complex networking tactics. This certification was created in 2016 and has made a huge impact on the cybersecurity industry since then.

This certification is mandated by the DoD and is compliant with the 8140 initiative, so anyone who is looking to be compliant with the 8140 initiative can also benefit greatly from this certification. CCNA Cyber Ops properly teaches candidates how to work within a secure network, detect threats, and perform network/host forensics procedures. CCNA Cyber Ops is a unique and outstanding certification that is good for anyone who is entering the growing cybersecurity industry or looking to sharpen their skills as an analyst or just move up to a higher position within the industry.

How can I get Certified?

The CCNA Cyber Ops is offered by CISCO and does not require any pre-requisites meaning that anyone can sign up for the exam and take it; however, this is an advanced course and it is recommended to have a little bit of previous experience with introductory cybersecurity certifications such as Security +. The easiest way to earn this certification is by enrolling into a training program with SecureNinja, and SecureNinja aims to make this process as easy as possible by making our first priority our students, and SecureNinja is the number one training provider for CCNA Cyber Ops with a 97% pass rate! CCNA Cyber Ops is an amazing certification to have and can benefit both organizations and individuals working in the Cybersecurity field.

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