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Why Every Business Should Invest in Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Jan. 23, 2020

Why Every Business Should Invest in Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Proper and extensive training is the foundational element of every business. Having a solid security awareness training program can make or break any organization's cybersecurity efforts. Almost 90% of all data breaches occur because of human or employee error. Hackers target humans rather than trying to brute entry into a server by using phishing attacks or social engineering and are very successful at doing so. Having a solid security awareness training program can not only protect organizations and drastically lower the chances of a data breach, but it can also save money, time, and increase employee morale.


Why Is Cybersecurity Awareness Training Important?

Currently, the average cost of a cyber-attack after factoring brand damage, loss of productivity, and loss in company value are over $1.7 million. Considering that a cyber-attack occurs every 39 seconds, having well training and certified cybersecurity staff can save any organization millions of dollars. Security awareness training that covers basic topics such as data management, safe internet habits, and how to identify email phishing attacks will result in a better cybersecurity infrastructure and cyber protection. Being able to quickly react and avoid cyber attacks will save any organization millions of dollars and protect private consumer information.

How Will Security Awareness Training Benefit Organizations?

Time is money and company, or server downtime can result in millions of dollars lost, and a data breach can result in loyal customers going to competitors. Similar to saving money, having well-equipped employees will protect servers and contribute to a better cybersecurity environment. Customers in 2020 are greatly concerned about their data and how it is protected, and many government organizations have regulations on how consumer data must be encrypted and protected. In the event of a data breach, all trust from the consumer and organization is lost which can result in months of trying to recover relationships and rebuilding trust. Having a consistent security awareness training will give employees the confidence and the knowledge needed in defending against cyber threats.

Who Should be Trained in Cybersecurity Awareness?

All employees with a work computer or phone should be trained in cybersecurity awareness. This will cover everyone who has direct access to private customer information has been properly trained on how to identify and prevent a cyber-attack. A good security awareness training should involve real-life simulations with modern-day hacker trends. Hackers are always evolving their approaches and techniques, so it is important to have a consistent training schedule. Over 350,000 new malicious programs are created every day which is what makes having a consistent and proper cybersecurity awareness training program more important than ever before.

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