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Why Every Business Should Invest in Penetration Testing

Apr. 15, 2019

Why Every Business Should Invest in Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is when an organization will hire a hacker or team of hackers to find vulnerabilities and threats within their network. Penetration testing will not only make your network and systems more secure but also expose any real threats or weaknesses before a real hacker could. After the penetration test, the hacker will provide all of the vulnerabilities they found, so the organization can quickly find a solution before it can be exploited. Overall, penetration testing is something that could potentially save organizations millions of dollars and make organizations more secure.

Penetration Testing Will Save You Money

 The average cost of a cyber-attack is now $1.7 million dollars and a cyber attack happens every 49 seconds in America. Hackers are focusing their efforts to targets they know are vulnerable and this is why it is so important for every organization to participate in penetration testing. Cybercrime is on the rise and continues to follow an upward trend that will not slow down anytime soon, and as the IoT grows so does the threat of a cyber-attack. Cybersecurity should be taken more seriously than ever before and hiring a penetration tester is an effective cybersecurity technique that will outline weak areas within your network.

It Will Help You Prepare for a Cyber Attack

The best way to see how good your disaster response team and systems work is by testing them. Demonstrating a penetration test will also detect how strong your cybersecurity really is. Hackers are becoming more advanced and finding new methods of hacking networks every day, and no system is impossible to crack. Having regular and consistent penetration tests will ensure that your system is up to date and give organizations the time to react to any vulnerabilities that may be hidden within their networks. The best way to defend against a cyber attack is to avoid it, and penetration testing stimulates what would happen if a cyber attack were to occur.



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