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Why is Cyber Security and AI so Important?

Aug. 13, 2019

Why is Cyber Security and AI so Important?

Artificial Intelligence is becoming a huge benefit to the cybersecurity industry. Newly innovative technologies such as self-driving smart cars, smart cities, smart homes, and virtual assistants are creating a huge impact on how we live our daily lives. These organizations have had created a vision a while back as to how we can improve our cybersecurity with artificial intelligence. Practically, it is finally starting to happen, and there is a prediction as to having a 60% increase in AI technology by 2022 which is very exciting news for the cybersecurity industry.

1. How can Artificial Intelligence Help Cybersecurity?

AI can help cybersecurity by freeing up time for IT professionals to focus on higher-level tasks. The amount of data AI can withhold exceeds much higher than human capabilities. Such capabilities can initially transform the way we handle cybersecurity, mostly in cloud computing. The main concern for a cybersecurity organization is data breaches. Data breaches can be prevented by the defense system tools implemented into artificial intelligence programs. These tools will prevent, detect and remedy potential threats for all businesses and organizations.

2. Risks and Challenges of Artificial Intelligence

At first, AI is unlikely to be 100% accurate and error-free as to expect, but it can most definitely reduce the number of breaches and show an increase in cybersecurity effectiveness. Risks can consist of black hat hackers potentially using AI technology in a way of enforcing cyber breaches, threats, and attacks towards any business. This is why there isn’t much reliability on going full AI for most companies. There is still a lot of research and testing needed in order to create a much higher form of security. In that case, we as individuals will still have to do the work. The government needs to regulate this process in order to reduce the financial and privacy impacts on customer data leaks and the use of AI systems as a form of security. Once that is done artificial intelligence will be used in the form of protection for upscale businesses. This is only the beginning of AI technology and we are hoping this project can be solidified for the best practices used in the amazing cybersecurity industry.

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