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Software Security

Software has become the lifeblood of the modern enterprise. Both brick-and-mortar and technology focused business rely on applications to power everything from online banking, social networks to factory assembly floors. Trusting your applications requires an objective, critical, and in-depth security review.

Secure Ninja Security offers four services to address the software security challenge:
SDLC Security: Building security in. Secure Ninja Security works with your organization’s managers, architects, developers, and QA team throughout each step of the application’s lifecycle.
Source Code Review: Static analysis of the application’s source code to ensure that all vulnerabilities are identified before the application is placed into production. The Source Code Review is able to find software flaws that do not immediately manifest once in production.
Threat Modeling: Secure Ninja Security works with your development team to develop “Abuse Cases”.  These “abuse cases” are developed by evaluating the role the application plays in the business, then identifying ways that the application could be abused by an attacker. The outcome is a better organizational understanding of the application’s risk, attack surface and areas of concern.
Application Security Review: Real world software security performance testing. Secure Ninja Security tests the application’s ability to defend itself once in production and exposed to targeted application attacks. The Application Security Review considers the application’s business context and then attempts to subvert functional application security controls in order to identify both technical and business logic flaws.
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