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CSSLP - Certified Secure Software Life cycle Professional

CSSLP Certification Training Course Washington, DC - San Diego - Columbia, MD

CSSLP is the only certification in the industry designed to validate an individual’s competency in incorporating security into each phase of the software lifecycle - that will help mitigate application vulnerability threats. SecureNinja's CSSLP (Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional) training and certification boot camp in Washington, DC, San Diego, CA, Dallas, TX, Montreal, Canada or Dublin Ireland cover the exam objectives that measure security best practices and industry standards for the software lifecycle - critical information to a CSSLP. This is where you will learn tools and processes on how security should be built into each phase of the software lifecycle. The CSSLP CBK contains the largest, most comprehensive, collection of best practices, policies, and procedures, to ensure a security initiative across all phases of application development, regardless of methodology. This 5-day immersive boot camp covers all of the latest exam objectives complete taught by a master of the CSSLP.

News Flash:  The CSSLP (Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional) is now available via (CBT) Computer-Based Testing at  Pearson Professional Test Center. Now you have the flexibility to take the CSSLP at your convenience!

CSSLP Benefits

As a CSSLP, you will be seen as a leader in your organization. A status you'll rightly deserve because you'll understand how to:

  • Break the penetrate and patch testing approach
  • Reduce production costs, vulnerabilities and delivery delays
  • Enhance the credibility of your organization and its development team
  • Reduce loss of revenue and reputation due to a breach resulting from insecure software
  • Ensure compliance with government or industry regulations      

Topics Covered      

The CSSLP examination tests the breadth and depth of a candidate’s knowledge by focusing on the seven domains which comprise the CSSLP, taxonomy of information security topics:

  • Secure Software Concepts - Security implications in software development and for software supply chain integrity
  • Secure Software Requirements - Capturing security requirements in the requirements gathering phase
  • Secure Software Design - Translating security requirements into application design elements
  • Secure Software Implementation/Coding - Unit testing for security functionality and resiliency to attack, and developing secure code and exploit mitigation
  • Secure Software Testing - Integrated QA testing for security functionality and resiliency to attack
  • Software Acceptance - Security implication in the software acceptance phase
  • Software Deployment, Operations, Maintenance, and Disposal - Security issues around steady state operations and management of software 

Who Should Attend

Each software lifecycle (SLC) stakeholder is responsible for a certain phase(s) of the SLC, but all phases must have security built into them. CSSLP is for all the stakeholders involved in the process. Each of the 7 Domains of the CSSLP covers how to build security into the different phases.

CSSLP stakeholders include:

  • Auditors
  • Top Management
  • Business Unit Heads
  • IT Manager
  • Security Specialists
  • Application Owners
  • Developers & Coders
  • Project Managers Team Leads
  • Technical Architects
  • Quality Assurance Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Industry Group Delivery Heads
  • Client Side PM 


CSSLP is for everyone involved in the Software Lifecycle with at least 4 years experience

Required Exam


Course Length

40 hours

Follow-on Courses

CISSP, Secure Ninja Defensive Programming


"Donald is a bright, highly-motivated and caring instructor who works hard to improve the student learning environment and goes beyond his required duties to make his classes exciting, interesting and rewarding." - Kathleen Murray

“It is with great confidence that I can introduce you to Don Hester, Information Technology Security Instructor. Don provided us with material above and beyond the surface understanding of Information Technology Security that was “jam-packed” with real-world case experience. It is obvious that he has complete command of the subject matter through hands-on experience and the communication skills to get the material across in an open and collaborative way for all of his students. Don demonstrates a true desire to communicate the importance of what you learn and what you can go back to the office worthwhile for his students and encourages them to aspire to their goals. He is not only skilled and knowledgeable but certified and his credentials speak for themselves. I want to learn the ropes from this guy!” – Charlie Lochbaum

"I want to thank you for your dedication to teaching, and patience in having me in your class. I appreciate the commitment and instruction you have provided. I would not be where I am today, nor have the potential of tomorrow if it were not for instructors such as yourself. I really did enjoy the class I had this last spring, and I look forward to future classes." - Charlene E. Mapson VP B of A

“This is my second class with Don. Both classes were outstanding.”

“I really enjoyed the class taught by Don, he really knows his stuff and I hope to be taking his class in Active Directory when he teaches one”

“Don provided short, relevant anecdotes for nearly every topic. His candor and sense of humor provided an energy level not typically found in similar courses.”

“Great instructor who shares extra "real world' knowledge base.”

“I found Don to be an excellent facilitator who kept the lessons in the modules interesting by giving examples from his personal experiences.”

“The instructor was very knowledgeable in the security field. He knows his stuff. The instructor directly solicited class participation but he did not embarrass anyone. He listened to everyone and was very courteous.”

“Everything was excellent: instructor Donald E. Hester was extremely knowledgeable, educated, experienced, friendly, well organized…….great instructor.”

“This training was excellent, and the instructor is outstanding, he is extremely knowledgeable and has a wealth of information. He has made himself available through email after the seminar for questions.”

“For our MSIS IT Audit & Forensics course at USF, Professor Hester did an excellent job of making a very dull book relevant and interesting. He brought vast and applicable real-world experiences into the lectures. All of my instructors at USF were experts in what they taught, and he was one of the top examples of that high quality. I quickly learned that auditors don't have to be adversaries, and if anything they are there to prove my department is honest and doing things correctly. The class greatly increased my knowledge and skills. It even leads to me discovering serious security issues at a building where I worked. Those issues lead to updates being made to the facility, as well as other sites being evaluated for the same weakness. When I have a need for an IT Auditor, Don Hester will be first on the "hire" list.” Eric Burns


About SecureNinja

SecureNinja Training is DC’s Area’s #1 Expert IT Training Center. We are conveniently located in beautiful Historic Old Town Alexandria, VA enhancing your training experience and featuring:

  • Metro Accessibility - Short walk from Metro Blue/Yellow Line (leave the car behind)
  • 4 minute Drive to Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport
  • Available Parking
  • World class restaurants and shops at your footsteps
  • Closest Expert IT & IT Security Training Center to Fort Belvoir, Boiling AFB, Fort Myer, Department of Homeland Security, US Department of Navy, US Coast Guard, Fort McNair, Washington Navy Yard and the Pentagon

Why Choose SecureNinja for your Washington DC Expert IT Training?

  • Expert Instructors
  • Highest Pass Rates
  • Choose from Day, Evening & Weekend Classes to meet your busy schedule
  • Accelerated Boot Camps Save You Time And Money
  • Personal 1-1 Mentoring
  • Paid Internships & Job Referrals!
  • Meet Your DoD 8570-1 Certification Needs. Get Compliant!
  • SecureNinja is the ONLY Testing Center that offers ALL 5 industry standard test vendors in the DC / Baltimore Metropolitan Area. ( VUE, Kryterion-Online, Certiport, and Impact-Testing)
  • Lowest Prices! We are locally based keeping our overhead low so we can pass the savings along to you
  • Washington, DC is our Home.  Most training centers set up shop in hotels or rented centers.  When you have a need, request or encounter a problem they are not there to answer. Our physical location in Alexandria is open 7 days a week and our staff always there to help.
CSSLP (Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional) Classes Schedule
Sep. 23, 2019 Sep. 27, 2019 Alexandria Mon-Fri OPEN Bootcamp
Sep. 23, 2019 Sep. 27, 2019 Live Online Mon-Fri OPEN Online
Oct. 21, 2019 Oct. 25, 2019 San Diego Mon-Fri OPEN Bootcamp
Dec. 02, 2019 Dec. 06, 2019 Alexandria Mon-Fri OPEN Bootcamp
Dec. 02, 2019 Dec. 06, 2019 Live Online Mon-Fri OPEN Online
Feb. 17, 2020 Feb. 21, 2020 Alexandria Mon-Fri OPEN Bootcamp
Feb. 17, 2020 Feb. 21, 2020 Live Online Mon-Fri OPEN Online
Mar. 23, 2020 Mar. 27, 2020 San Diego Mon-Fri OPEN Bootcamp
Apr. 06, 2020 Apr. 10, 2020 Alexandria Mon-Fri OPEN Bootcamp
Apr. 06, 2020 Apr. 10, 2020 Live Online Mon-Fri OPEN Online
May. 11, 2020 May. 15, 2020 San Diego Mon-Fri OPEN Bootcamp
Jun. 08, 2020 Jun. 12, 2020 Alexandria Mon-Fri OPEN Bootcamp
Jun. 08, 2020 Jun. 12, 2020 Live Online Mon-Fri OPEN Online
Aug. 03, 2020 Aug. 07, 2020 Alexandria Mon-Fri OPEN Bootcamp
Aug. 03, 2020 Aug. 07, 2020 Live Online Mon-Fri OPEN Online
Sep. 28, 2020 Oct. 02, 2020 San Diego Mon-Fri OPEN Bootcamp
Oct. 05, 2020 Oct. 09, 2020 Alexandria Mon-Fri OPEN Bootcamp
Oct. 05, 2020 Oct. 09, 2020 Live Online Mon-Fri OPEN Online
Nov. 30, 2020 Dec. 04, 2020 San Diego Mon-Fri OPEN Bootcamp
Dec. 14, 2020 Dec. 18, 2020 Alexandria Mon-Fri OPEN Bootcamp
Dec. 14, 2020 Dec. 18, 2020 Live Online Mon-Fri OPEN Online

Not able to attend public scheduled classes? No problem, let us come to you to train your staff on-site on CSSLP (Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional)