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TIPA Assessor for ITIL

Training & Bootcamp

Certified TIPA® Assessors for ITIL are skilled professionals who conduct IT process maturity assessments in organizations that use ITIL. SecureNinja's TIPA Assessor for ITIL boot camp and training course is available in Washington DC and San Diego, CA as well as in blended online format.  The course prepares professionals for taking and passing the TIPA Assessor for ITIL Certification Exam.

The course provides a great insight into the concepts and keys components of TIPA that will enable them to participate in assessment projects under the supervision of a TIPA Lead Assessor.

Overall, this three-day classroom course will help the participants build their skills in:

  • Conducting TIPA related interviews and rating processes according to the TIPA rating scheme.
  • Analyzing the process assessment results, suggesting improvements and drawing conclusions about the process maturity using the TIPA toolbox.

During the three days, the participants cover the theoretical concepts of TIPA by attending interactive lectures on the roles in a TIPA Assessment project and each of the six phases of the assessment project. The participants learn to “apply” their knowledge through a combination of assignments and a simulation exercise in which they role-play through an assessment project by conducting interviews, rating the processes, performing a SWOT analysis, recommending improvements, and presenting the results.

Please note that in order to leverage the TIPA Tool Box upon completion of the course, an Individual and/or Organizational membership is required, more information below.

Recommended Audience

The TIPA Assessor course will be of interest to:

  • Individuals who play a role in assessing and improving ITIL or ITSM processes in an organization and who would like to know how to use TIPA to assess and improve these processes.
  • Individuals who participate in ITIL implementations in organizations and who are interested in understanding how TIPA can help to measure ITIL process-maturity for capability determination (either in a supplier selection processor as a benchmarking tool)
  • Individuals who are looking for a turnkey-solution for process assessment to estimate the ROI of ITIL implementations in organizations.
  • Individuals who have ITIL or ISO/IEC15504 backgrounds and who want to perform the role of an assessor in a TIPA assessment project.
  • Individuals seeking the TIPA Lead Assessor for ITIL certification, for which this qualification is a prerequisite.
  • Individuals in typical roles (but not limited to): ITIL/ITSM process owners, process managers, process designers, architects, planners, IT process improvement consultants, internal auditors, IT quality manager, IT security professionals and ITSM trainers involved in the ongoing management, coordination, and integration of ITIL/ITSM processes.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course and examination, the participant will gain the following competencies:

  • Get a global understanding of standard process assessment (as of ISO/IEC 15504, previously known as SPICE)
  • Understand the ITSM process descriptions proposed by TIPA, in relation with ITIL
  • Use the tools provided in the TIPA toolbox to perform each of the activities within the phases of the assessment project
  • Understand the difference between process purpose, process outcomes, base practices, work products, process attributes, and generic practices
  • Use the TIPA model to conduct interviews
  • Rate the maturity level of processes based on the interviews against the TIPA rating scale
  • Perform a SWOT analysis based on evidence found as part of the assessment
  • Write recommendations according to the context of the organization
  • Write a report based on templates and structures provided by the TIPA toolbox
  • Explain the TIPA methodology and process model structure
  • Know how to apply the structure of ISO/IEC 15504 in relation to ITIL processes

Please note that in order to leverage the TIPA Tool Box upon completion of the course, an Individual and/or Organizational membership is required, more information below.


Candidates for this course must:

  • Hold an ITIL Foundation certificate;
  • Have at least 3 years of experience working in an ITIL/ITSM environment and/or experience in process or maturity assessment.

It is also strongly recommended that candidates:

  • Can demonstrate familiarity with IT terminology and understand the context of ITIL/ITSM in their own business environment
  • Have exposure working in IT Service Management within a service provider environment
  • Possess any of the following additional qualifications (highly desirable): ITIL Expert, earlier ITIL qualifications Service Manager, 10 credits accrued through ITIL intermediates

TIPA Professional Membership For Licensing The Toolbox for Assessor

  • After completing the course and passing the exam, the candidate must register with TIPA (via as a TIPA Professional Member, and agree to pay an annual fee that entitles him/her to license the TIPA toolbox for Assessor, and services such as listing on the official website and yearly updates to the Assessor part of the toolbox. Instructions on the registration process will be provided upon successful completion of the exam. More information on membership, cost, terms:

Please note that membership fees are not included in the course or exam fees.

A certified individual automatically becomes eligible to become a TIPA Professional Member. Becoming a member is a simple registration process that follows the certification process and provides access to the following:

  • TIPA Toolbox for Assessor

Note: Only the toolbox components used by the Assessor are shared after the TIPA Assessor for ITIL course while registering as a TIPA Professional Member. For access to the toolbox for Lead Assessor, the professional needs to complete the Lead Assessor certification and upgrade the membership status on the website.

Note about TIPA Organizational Membership

  • As a Professional Member with access to the toolbox, the member can only use the TIPA framework and toolbox within his/her own company for internal assessments. To offer assessment services commercially (i.e., to other companies), the professional member’s organization must become a TIPA Organizational Member and license the TIPA Intellectual Property and Trademark for commercial use.

Please check the page information pertaining to TIPA Organizational Membership, its benefits and the annual fee applicable, or contact [email protected].


  • In order for participants to be eligible to take the TIPA Assessor for ITIL certification exam, they have to participate in an accredited TIPA training course for 3 days.
  • The exam is a closed book exam with eight (8) multiple-choice, scenario-based, gradient-scored questions.
  • Exam duration is a maximum of 90 minutes for all candidates in English (participants whose first language is not English have a maximum of 120 minutes to complete the exam and are allowed to use a dictionary)
  • Each question will have 4 possible answer options, one of which is worth 5 marks, one, which is worth 3 marks, one, which is worth 1 mark, and one which is a distracter and achieves no marks.
  • Pass score is 28/40 or 70%


  • 27 CPE’s

Course Duration

  • 24 Hours

Secure Ninja DBA SecureNinja is an ITIL® Accredited Training Organization Affiliate sponsored by ITpreneurs an Accredited Training Organization (ATO). ITIL® is a Registered Trade Mark of the Cabinet Office. The Swirl logo™ is a Trade Mark of the Cabinet Office.

These training courses are only delivered as an onsite format for groups of 5 or more. Our world-class instructors will bring our on-demand turn-key solution directly to you. Contact us now for more details and pricing