VMware vSphere: Bootcamp v4.1

SecureNinja's authorized VMware vSphere: Boot Camp v4.1 is a training and certification power class is offered in most cities nationwide including  Washington, DC, Boston, Miami and San Diego. In this intensive, extended-hours training course, you will install, configure, manage, and troubleshoot a VMware vSphere™ 4 infrastructure. The course combines the content of the VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage course with advanced tasks and skills for troubleshooting a highly available and scalable virtual infrastructure. You will diagnose and resolve configuration problems created on VMware® ESX™/ESXi hosts and VMware vCenter™ Server systems. Completion of this course satisfies as a prerequisite to take the VMware Certified Professional 4 exam.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, you should have an understanding of vSphere capabilities and be able to:

  • Install and configure ESX/ESXi
  • Install and configure vCenter Server components
  • Use vCenter Server to configure and manage ESX/ESXi networking and storage
  • Deploy, manage, convert, and migrate virtual machines
  • Manage user access to the vSphere infrastructure
  • Use vCenter Server to monitor resource usage
  • Use vCenter Server to increase scalability
  • Use VMware vCenter Update Manager to apply ESX/ESXi patches
  • Use vCenter Server to manage higher availability and data protection
  • Use the VMware vSphere Client and command-line utilities to configure, manage, and troubleshoot a vSphere infrastructure
  • Configure and use a network packet capture utility to display and troubleshoot virtual switch network traffi

Who Should Attend

Experienced system administrators, system integrators, and system engineers willing to participate in a demanding, high-intensity, and fast-paced training experience that requires minimal time away from the office


System administration experience on Microsoft Windows or Linux operating systems
Experience entering commands at a command-line prompt

Course Length

5 Days

Course Outline           

  • 1  Course Introduction
    • vSphere 4.1 install, configure, and manage
    • vSphere troubleshooting
  • 2  Introduction to VMware Virtualization
    • Role of vSphere in the datacenter and the cloud
  • 3  Configuring VMware ESX/ESXi
    • ESX/ESXi architecture
    • Configuration tasks
  • 4  Installing and Using VMware vCenter Server
    • vCenter Server architecture and components
    • vCenter Server installation
    • vCenter Server inventory building
  • 5  Networking
  • vNetwork Standard Switch components, configuration, and property modification
  • 6  Storage
    • VMware Fibre Channel, iSCSI, and NAS storage technologies
    • VMware vStorage VMFS datastores
  • 7  Virtual Machines
    • Virtual machine hardware and creation
    • Templates and clones
    • Using VMware vCenter Converter
    • Dynamically increasing the size of a virtual machine virtual disk and raw device mapping
    • Virtual machine snapshots and VMware Storage vMotion
  • 8  Access Control
    • Permissions and custom role creation
  • 9  Resource Monitoring
    • CPU, memory, and storage I/O allocation settings
    • Resource pools
    • Monitoring virtual machine resource usage
    • Alarm management
  • 10  Data Protection
    • VMware Data Recovery
  • 11  Scalability
    • VMware vCenter Linked Mode
    • Host Profiles
    • vNetwork Distributed Switches
    • VMware vMotion™
    • VMware Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) clusters
    • VMware Distributed Power Management
  • 12  Availability
    • VMware High Availability clusters
    • VMware Fault Tolerance
  • 13  Patch Management
    • Update Manager
  • 14  VMware ESX/ESXi Installation
    • Interactive and scripted installation methods
  • 15  VMware ESXi Command-Line Troubleshooting
    • Configuring the VMware vSphere Management Assistant virtual appliance
    • ESXi troubleshooting tools and methodology
  • 16  ESX/ESXi and vCenter Log Files
    • Primary log files
    • Syslog service
    • Centralized loghost configuration
  • 17  Network Troubleshooting
    • vNetwork Distributed Switch private VLAN configuration and troubleshooting
    • Command-line examination of ESX/ESXi network information
    • Network traffic capture and analysis
  • 18  Management Troubleshooting
    • Management problems caused by network, firewall, service, agent, and permission errors
  • 19  Storage Troubleshooting
    • Command-line examination of ESX/ESXi storage information
    • Software iSCSI multipathing configuration
    • Path-masking configuration
  • 20  VMware vMotion and Storage vMotion Troubleshooting
  • 21  Infrastructure Troubleshooting
    • Troubleshooting DRS and VMware HA clusters
    • Troubleshooting virtual machines

These training courses are only delivered as an onsite format for groups of 5 or more. Our world-class instructors will bring our on-demand turn-key solution directly to you. Contact us now for more details and pricing