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SecureNinja TV - Media Kit

SecureNinjaTV has been providing highly valuable content to the Cybersecurity community since 2011!

SecureNinja TV on YouTube

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to gather critical knowledge from top Cybersecurity professionals and to provide free, up to date coverage of hot security topics to the tech community, the business community, the government, and to our students.

SecureNinjaTV covers a wide range of industry events, conferences, briefings, and trade shows each year.  We are committed to maintaining a regular presence at Cybersecurity events both international and domestic.SecureNinaj TV

SecureNinjaTV host Alicia Webb interviews MCNOSC commander Col. David McMorries

Our Audience

Our rapidly expanding audience includes Cybersecurity professionals in both the public and private sectors, as well as IT hardware manufacturers, software developers, service providers, and more. We currently have over 5,000 combined social media followers. Our consistent production, paired with our full-fledged social media efforts, allow our video content to reach an estimated audience of over 500,000.  Our videos are distributed through our website, our YouTube channel, our BrightTALK channel and our iTunes podcasts as well as embedded in the websites, blogs, and social media channels of the IT professionals we interview- some of whom have tens of thousands of followers. 

SecureNinjaTV podcasts are available in both video and audio-only formats. 



Alicia Webb interview Mandiant's Chief Security Officer Richard Bejtlech, about their recent and widespread Chinese Hacker Report


     SecureNinaj TV   
SecureNinjaTV kicks off coverage of BlackHat 2012 with an interview and awkward hug from Jayson E. Street


Benefits of Media Sponsorship

For Trade Shows or Events:

Do you want a cutting edge way to market your trade show, conference, or event?

Take your conference, trade show, or event to the next level by sponsoring a professional video production crew to provide fun and informative coverage from all angles!  Your exhibitors will enjoy the added benefit of a media outlet with which they can share their businesses message. 

Amplify the online chatter surrounding your event by adding valuable video content to your social media channels!

Our DEFCON videos are fun, informative and heavily viewed!
DEFCON LockPicking Interview

For Exhibitors:

Do you want a increase your company exposure while exhibiting?

Forget about renting flat screen TVs to draw attention to your booth. Why not sponsor a live and professional video production crew to capture the interest and attention of show attendees. You'll generate buzz surrounding your presence at important industry events while increasing your overall visibility on the expo floor.  Your business name will become connected with everyone we interview, helping to draw attention and business to your website long after the exhibit is over. 

Be the exhibiting company that show attendees remember!

For Businesses:

Do you need video production services?

Do you know that videos rank higher in Google searches than any other online content?  If you don't have videos online promoting your company or product, it's time you had some made!  Let SecureNinjaTV work with you to come up with ideas on what to produce, or execute a video project you already have planned.  Our added benefit of social media distribution helps to ensure your video reaches the targeted eyes of the tech community.  

Let us help you get your message out to the tech world! 

Case Study

SecureNinjaTV sponsored by Hacktivity in Budapest, Hungary

In the fall of 2012, SecureNinjaTV was sponsored by the producers of Hacktivity- the largest IT Security Festival in Central and Eastern Europe- to travel to Hungary and cover the show. The results were outstanding and the show organizers were beyond pleased with the work produced. SecureNinjaTV created the following videos surrounding the show.

Get Ready for Hacktivity 2012
This high production quality promotional video made prior to the festival incorporates fast paced music, scenes from previous events and a briefing of what to expect this year at Hacktivity. The show producers were able to use the video to generate excitement and anticipation for their upcoming fesival and increase their audience attendance and booth sales. The video received 1,600 views in only a few weeks after its release and was featured during the show’s opening ceremony.


Hacking, Lockpicking, and Hungarians @ Hacktivity 2012
The first video released from Hacktivity 2012 featured SecureNinjaTV Host, Alicia Webb, leading a fun and informative tour through the festival. Viewers can follow Alicia across the show floor as she chats with attendees, peeks in on speakers and workshops, partakes in lock picking demos, checks out the food and gives behind the scenes coverage of VIP areas. This video reached 1,500 views in only a few weeks and is expected to continue to generate excitement and increase interest and attendance at next year’s Hacktivity.


In addition, SecureNinjaTV conducted interviews with 9 individuals during two days at Hacktivity including all of the keynote speakers, several guests from around the world, and various other international Cybersecurity professionals.  The Hacktivity festival organizers are now fueled with videos to post to their social media channels over the next year, keeping their fans engaged and getting them hyped up for the next event.


SecureNinjaTV has provided coverage at the following events:

  • RSA 2013- San Francisco, CA
  • AFCEA WEST 2013- San Diego, CA
  • Hacktivity 2012, Budapest, Hungary
  • TechNet Land Forces EAST 2012- Baltimore, MD
  • BlackHat 2012- Las Vegas, NV DEFCON 20- Las Vegas, NV
  • TechNet Land Forces SOUTH 2012- Tampa, FL
  • DoDIIS Worldwide Conference- Denver, CO
  • RSA 2012- San Francisco, CA
  • B Sides- San Francisco, CA
  • TechNet Land Forces WEST 2012- San Diego, CA
  • Hacker Halted 2011, Miami, FL

Our Exclusive Trade Show Production Package Includes

  • High-quality promotional video made before your show to help increase attendance.  Ex. Get Ready for Hacktivity 
  • Up to 8 videos delivered during and after your event to be used for any of your marketing, business or promotional purposes.  Videos may include interviews, overviews, a tour of the show, specific discussion pieces or other content you find helpful. They can be used to connect your audience to the event, provide detailed information about the event, or build hype for your follow up events.
  • Distribution of these videos to SecureNinja's social media audience of TARGETED tech professionals. 
  • Custom made backdrop printed with your logo to be included in all filmed materials (stationary).
  • All travel expenses, labor, post-production labor, equipment etc. is included in this package

SecureNinjaTV is able to provide video services to you at a fraction of the cost of a typical production crew with added benefits!


Follow what we are promoting via our social media using the links below


Our current pricing is as follows:

  • $4,500 Domestic Conferences
  • $7,500 International Conferences

Prices include all travel expenses, labor, post-production labor, equipment etc. They ensure delivery of up to 8 videos after the show to be used for any of your marketing or business purposes.

These rates are subject to change after July 2013!


Jon Miller
New Media Producer

Think of Jon Miller as "the man behind the curtain" when it comes to SecureNinjaTV. But in a good way. Jon is the Director of New Media at SecureNinja and spends most of his time obsessing over each episode of SecureNinjaTV as well thinking of new ways to expand the show and its community involvement. In addition to being the show's producer and helping to get the best content out of each interview on the show, he's also the cameraman, editor, motion graphics artist and encoding ninja for the podcast. Not to mention one of Alicia Webb's biggest fans.

He's a true podcasting fanboy and in addition to SecureNinjaTV he also produces The Rest of Everest, a video podcast that gives viewers an all-access look at the places, cultures, people, travelers and mountaineers that call the Everest region and the Himalayas home. This popular show has received millions upon millions of views, won "Best of iTunes" in 2006 and 2007 as well as snuck it's way into podcasting case studies in several books about new media. The show's logo even appeared on-screen in a slide during Steve Job's 2008 MacWorld Keynote. Let's just say Jon's using these "experiences" to make SecureNinjaTV the leading cybersecurity video podcast out there. He knows what he's doing. In addition to being a SecureNinja, Jon is also the owner of an award-winning production company, TreeLine Productions, where he's had the opportunity to blend his creative vision with an outstanding technical ability. Over the years, Jon has worked with various clients and projects that have found him filming around the country and the globe. His company has produced videos from 4,000 feet underground beneath the Continental Divide in Colorado, to 29,035 feet up on the summit of Mount Everest in Tibet.

Before launching TreeLine Productions in 2001, Jon enjoyed the challenge of building and operating a Northern Colorado Bureau for CNN Headline News, in Fort Collins. During his 6-year tenure, Jon had the daily opportunity to cover news stories throughout the community he resides in, and enjoyed distilling complex issues and concepts into television easily understood by the viewer. Jon is very excited about the future of podcasting and distribution of content over the Internet, even though he’s been “podcasting” for years. In 2003 he provided audio and video dispatches from 17,000 foot Everest base camp to CNN in Atlanta, as well as orchestrated CNN’s first live satellite IPTV broadcast from 14,000 foot Aconcagua base camp in Argentina in 2005.
Jon lives in the foothills outside Fort Collins, Colorado with his wife Heidi and their two boys, Sam and Chris.

Alicia Webb
SecureNinjaTV Host

Alicia Webb joined SecureNinja as the video host and co-producer of SecureNinjaTV, a media channel focused on topics surrounding Cybersecurity. She conducts insightful interviews with IT Security professionals in both the public and private sector, as well as contributes to the coverage of Cybersecurity events and conferences worldwide. When Alicia's not on camera, she contributes to SecureNinja team initiatives with her social media expertise as well as writing, graphic design, and event management skills.

Alicia attended Towson University in Maryland and holds a Bachelor of Science with Honors in Art- Photographic Imaging. She has worked on a multitude of video production projects, both as on-camera talent and as a Final Cut Pro Editor. In addition, Alicia has held various business sales and marketing roles, written for publications such as Carlsbad Magazine, and worked as a runway, print and promotional model.

Prior to joining SecureNinja, Alicia developed and marketed her startup, Adora Aprons- a private label line of designer kitchen aprons. Although aprons are a product far different than what SecureNinja offers, her experiences successfully building the Adora Aprons brand and social media following helped her to develop a great foundation of knowledge which she can now apply toward the growth and online presence of SecureNinja.

Despite the fact that SecureNinja employees are positioned all over the globe, Alicia loves the unity and team spirit her co-workers share. She loves to "travel with the team" and to work with Jon, her right hand man, to ensure they are producing the best content possible and that her hair looks perfect in the process. Alicia currently resides in Pacific Beach, San Diego with her five apple devices and SecureNinjaTV "mini-studio".


Jon Miller SecureNinjaTV Producer Email: [email protected]
Phone: 970-481-7715

Don’t forget to check out all of our work at:

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