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Why Cybersecurity is More Important Than Ever Before

Jul. 30, 2019

Why Cybersecurity is More Important Than Ever Before

Cybersecurity has been a pressing topic over the last decade, but recently it has become more important than ever before. Every 7 seconds a cyberattack occurs and hackers are now more advanced than ever before. The lack of cybersecurity in any political, healthcare, or enterprise organization is being exploited daily, and in 2018 there was a reported total of 945 data breaches that leaked over 4.5 billion records of private information. Cybersecurity has become everyone’s responsibility and it is important that we look after our personal and customer's information in the event of a cyberattack.

What are Hackers Looking for?

Hackers are always looking for easy entryways into a network that they can then exploit to retrieve private customer information or any type of restricted information. Cyberattacks are mainly targeted towards vulnerable companies with little to no cybersecurity and then injected with malware such as ransomware. Ransomware encrypts all of your files and holds them for ransom, typically asking for ransom via cryptocurrency, all of your files are locked and cannot be accessed until decrypted.  In the mind of a hacker, money is the main goal for them to retrieve from small companies with weak cybersecurity. In order to prevent the tactics of a hacker, you would need to put yourself in the position of a black hat hacker. A good way to learn more about hacking is through taking a course called Certified Ethical Hacker this course would consist of teaching baseline knowledge of cybersecurity threats, risks, and hands-on labs on the circumstances of being a malicious hacker. That way a white hat hacker could be prepared when the time comes to meeting a black hat hacker.

How to prepare for cyber attacks

When preparing for a cyber-attack, it is very critical to inform everyone within your business to maintain secure passwords and avoid clicking on suspicious links. It is very crucial to move beyond antivirus software. The technical teams of your company should add and enhance the tools, resources, and solutions on top of your antivirus software. That way it will provide different routes to fight against cyber-attacks. Some of these tools are expensive. However, it is not as expensive as the cost of clearing up after a cyber breach. Another simple way to protect your business is to get cybersecurity insurance. If your company is to be hit by a data breach, there will be a lot of damage to revive and you may need help from cybersecurity experts to recover all the missing data. Cybersecurity insurance also protects financial risk.

Gain the knowledge you need to protect your business

Cybercrime is increasing dramatically as well as technology. Large organizations such as Facebook, Yahoo, Equifax and more had already had a data breach with over 1 billion accounts and data lost due to poor security. That is why individuals need to act now and take the opportunity of protecting their businesses with skills and techniques you can learn from taking advanced cybersecurity courses. Gaining certifications from these courses are beneficial for your job, as well as having access to boost more opportunities to protect your business. The most common cybersecurity courses are known to be Security +, CEH, CISSP, and Network +.