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Web Application Security

The demands of the marketplace are pushing business-critical applications and processes to the edge of the network perimeter where they are exposed to the Internet, business partners, and customers via web-based applications. The organization demands assurance that the applications provide a secure and continuous service.

Undiscovered vulnerabilities in a web application can allow unauthorized access to highly sensitive information.  An attacker that exploits vulnerabilities in a web application can gain access to highly sensitive data located deep within the enterprise.

Current product-based solutions and tools take a “one-size-fits-all” approach and do not consider that most web applications contain custom functionality, with unique security flaws. Automated vulnerability scanning tools can identify common problems that affect web servers; however, they can not identify more complex application-level attacks and overlook many serious risks that may be present in critical applications.

Web Application Security

Secure Ninja works with the client to discover the applications that comprise the organization’s attack surface. Each application is assigned a criticality rating based on the value of the application to the business.

Once the applications have been identified and assigned a criticality rating, Secure Ninja develops abuse cases that are used as a guide when performing the security assessment. Using these cases, Secure Ninja tests the application for security weaknesses that expose the organization to risk.

The Secure Ninja Web Application Security Assessment accurately identifies the risks in your web applications by leveraging the experience of skilled security engineers and cutting-edge assessment techniques. Just as your organization’s applications are unique, Secure Ninja’s approach to your applications is customized to the organization. Secure Ninja delivers a highly detailed report of findings that includes an executive summary, comparative analysis, technical findings matrix, risk statements, and recommendations for remediation

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