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SecureNinja training courses; Instructor-led and Live Online, are open to corporate and government sponsored customers only.
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Source Code Review

Source Code Review

A security source code review assess the security of an application by examining source code.  SecureNinja’s code review methodology assesses the people, the processes, and the technologies in each application.  By evaluating each layer of the application, the development process, and the developers themselves, Stratum Security can identify critical flaws, can determine the root cause of such flaws, and can construct cost-effective recommendations for remediation.

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Secure Ninja, I wanted to again thank you both for the excellent course experience our students had in Las Vegas this past week. I particularly appreciated your willingness to work with us as the budget crisis resulted in various staff needing to step out of class periodically to support corporate and Federal oversight support requirements. That we still experienced a 100% pass rate speaks volumes about the instruction experience. I expect we will be sending students to future SecureNinja training boot camps based on our experience in your course this past week. Thanks again! John
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John Senn
OnPoint Consulting, Inc