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Why Cybersecurity Training is More Important Than Ever Before

May. 18, 2020

Why Cybersecurity Training is More Important Than Ever Before

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused millions of employees to go into remote positions which have made cybersecurity training for all employees become more important than ever before. The proper cybersecurity training is now essential to all remote working employees because they must be adequately trained on how to protect themselves when they access private company information and assets. The lack of cybersecurity is no longer an option, as many government agencies are now imposing fines and legal intervention to those who do not comply with the cybersecurity standards in place. The cybersecurity talent gap is another major issue in the cybersecurity industry as the demand for well qualified and educated cybersecurity professionals has soared past the supply. A recent study that was done by ISC(2) showed that the global shortage of cybersecurity professionals has now passed 4 million and the workforce must grow at least 145% per year to fulfill that global need. 


Remote Learning

Telecommuting and remote work is now a reality and it has opened new opportunities for malicious hackers to strike when employees are at their worst. Most of the time they are alone or disconnected from the IT team and there has been a massive spike in the number of phishing scams and attacks since the pandemic started. Employees are the first line of defense in keeping businesses safe from hackers which makes cybersecurity training a vital part of business sustainability. Implementing remote learning sessions can be done to educate employees on the risks of working from home and it can help reaffirm what to do if they were to come across a malicious visitor. Implementing phishing testing at random will also help outline those who require extra training and make sure that all employees are active and following the proper cybersecurity processes. The ability to work from home is a risk and the best way to minimize that risk is by training all employees on cybersecurity best practices and procedures.  

Keeping Businesses Productive

Modern technology has allowed businesses to operate at much higher levels of efficiency thanks to major leaps in technology and the streamline of data. Cybersecurity training is the best deterrent against cyberattacks, and cyberattacks can be extremely detrimental to any business's productivity. Cyberattacks are becoming a more pressing issue as of late because a recent study that was done by IBM showed that it takes an organization an average of 197 days to identify a data breach that took place. Additionally, it could take another 70 days to contain that same data breach that was found. Besides the months of downtime, a cyberattack can cause unforeseen legal troubles if the organization didn't do its due diligence in protecting private client information. 

Educating Employees

Creating a cybersecurity awareness training program for all employees can greatly minimize the effects and chances of a cyberattack. It is important that all employees in major organizations understand exactly what the risks and implications are if proper cybersecurity tactics are not used. A good cybersecurity training program is held on a quarterly or biannual schedule to keep up with any emerging security threats or new risks to be aware of. There should also be policies implemented and enforced to ensure all employees are following the same procedures to protect private customer information. Finally, a good cybersecurity training program also tests employees regularly. Making sure that all employees not only understand the risks of not following the cybersecurity methods but also have a solid grasp on cybersecurity methods will greatly benefit the organization as a whole. 

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