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Testimonials from our students

What Students Say About SecureNinja Cybersecurity Training

Easy and painless process with a very courteous and knowledgable staff. The instructor, Leo, was able to break down complex material in a way which was easy to understand. He was very helpful and willing to go out of his way to help you understand the material. Mehr was very helpful in helping me make travel arrangements and setting up the class. I am definitely coming back for more training.
Jordan Jones
CSC – Computer Sciences Corporation
Hello All, Just wanted to say huge THANK YOU to the SecureNinja team for training me in preparation for taking the CISSP exam, I'm proud to inform you that I passed my CISSP over the weekend and I couldn't have done it without your help. Please add me to your statistics of passing the CISSP exam in first attempt using training provided with your company. Remy you ROCK- Its you that made this possible with your detailed scenarios / study tips and things to watch out for during the exam. Finally Secure Ninja Team, thanks for responding to all my inquiries.Will definately be back for my CEH soon. Regards - Sharon
The best course I've attended . Larry is an outstanding instructor . He's very thorough in explaining the material.
James Durst
Class was great. Both Larry and Tom are exceptional instructors. They added all the value to the enrollment. Enroll, learn lots, pass exams, and secure like a NINJA. All expectations met!
John Dove
The instructor, Debbie Fletcher, was extremely knowledgeable and did an outstanding job explaining the course material. The staff at SecureNinja has been great in terms of customer service throughout the entire process. I would definitely recommend the instructor and SecureNinja for future classes and projects.
MSG Brooks
Army Reserves Carrier Division
“I recently completed SecureNinja PMP training. The overall experience was excellent. The training was well organized and thorough, and upon its completion, I walked away quite confident that I would successfully pass the forthcoming PMP exam. The SecureNinja PMP instructor, Mr. Remy Naravulu, exhibited a positive and enthusiastic personality. He had a great rapport with all the SecureNinja students in my class. Well dressed and articulate, Remy was always ready with a smile and kind word. He incorporated his real-life experiences as a Project Manager into the training, significantly enhancing the learning experience. In closing, I highly recommend SecureNinja and Mr. Remy Naravulu to any individuals requiring PMP training”
George Mandis
I enjoyed the class and the detailed stories to teach the points. It shows that the instructor has experienced the things that he is talking about. Thought it was well structured.
Alex Rancourt
Instructor was extremely knowledgeable of all subjects.
Terry Shaffer
Michael Vien is an extremely vibrant and knowledgable instructor. He makes taking the CEH exciting while going through the material quickly
Yung-Pei Chi
Secure Ninja, I wanted to again thank you both for the excellent course experience our students had in Las Vegas this past week. I particularly appreciated your willingness to work with us as the budget crisis resulted in various staff needing to step out of class periodically to support corporate and Federal oversight support requirements. That we still experienced a 100% pass rate speaks volumes about the instruction experience. I expect we will be sending students to future SecureNinja training boot camps based on our experience in your course this past week. Thanks again! John
John Senn
OnPoint Consulting, Inc
EXCELLENT, seriously. Found out I passed the exam also and I have submitted my certification paperwork. I ran across Ned Snow at the AFCEA Cyber event in Baltimore and mentioned the same to him. Thank you, Brian
Brian Moore
Warf Electronics
Ms. Khan: I want to tell you how much I appreciate Mr. Pierre Colombel's Certified Ethical Hacker preparation course. Their presentations were focused and tightly managed. It was crystal clear to every student that their objective was to prepare each of us for the examination. They delivered a truly superb exam preparation course. The course is also an introduction to the tools available to support examination of a computer and network system. The CEH lab book has more labs than could possibly be conducted during the week. Mr. Colombel carefully selected which labs would be conducted. He explained to the students the value of the individual lab and walked us through performing steps in the lab. He then showed us the type of questions we might see on the exam. When we completed the lab we understood the value of the tool demonstrated its relationship to the process and to the exam. The CEH is an intimidating course filled with complex concepts, intricate techniques and multi-step processes. It is enormously reassuring to students to have an instructor who, from the outset, makes it clear to the students that they are committed to the student's success. Best Regards, Hendrick Browne
Hendrik Browne
This my second class with SecureNinja and I am pleased with the experience again. Garrett did a good job of mixing both class / exam material and providing real world experience and opinions.
Linwood Weatherington
Great course, awesome instructor
Thomas Maher
Mr. Larry Greenblatt is a phenomenal instructor! Just as important as being extremely knowledgeable. Which he is, he knows how to entertain and keep everyone's attention. The best, hands down, instructor I have had the pleasure of being in their class.
Rone Clift
Everything is going well. We have the best instructor on earth. I am praying to see that I pass my test. The only thing I need is for me to study well in order to prepare myself for the exam.
Benedette Ntinglett
My training experience could not have been better. I have recommended SecureNinja many times to my students and colleagues as well. I will be contacting you in the near future for additional trainings.
Oliver Nophlin
Maryland Investment Corporation
Overall, very good course. Location and classroom were convenient and comfortable, materials provided were great.
Jared Slizofski
I had a great time in the CEH course. SecureNinja worked with me and was very patient as I tried to get funding set up!
John Delaroderie
Naval Post Graduate School
Instructor was extremely knowledgable and had a great way of explaining complex items with great examples and illustrations, he also provided excellent other reference materials and study aids
John Curtin
Great instructor , very knowledgeable, learning environment is good.
Joseph Petto
I came to Secure Ninja with the goal of passing the PMP exam having failed the exam on previous attempts. At this time I was very skeptical about their ability to deliver 100% although they seemed quite confident at the time. From the beginning I noticed things which were different: Their teaching style differed from other courses which quickly enabled me to grasp the concepts and they tailored training plans to support students after the classroom training - so you are never alone wondering what to do next. Also Secure Ninja throughout the process remained available to assist with any questions right up to exam time. They do not focus on total memorization techniques which I felt was very important to my learning and busy lifestyle. A course worth the investment if your goal is to pass. Thanks again Remy and the Secure Ninja Team
Gabriel Crocker
The instructor very knowledgeable and caring for student achievement.
Leon Vaugatn
I not only passed the exam, but my score was in the top ten percent. Thank you so much for doing such a great job in preparing me for the test!
Brandon Hsieh
Myriad Genetic Laboratories
Bill, I can’t go without saying that it has always been an absolute pleasure working with you. At my new organization, I will definitely push for Secure Ninja Training so don’t be surprised if you hear from me in the future. But thanks for all you’ve done, especially when it came to working with our team members in making sure training was not only available but that it fit within their hectic schedules!
Calvin Brown
National Air and Space Intelligence Center (NASIC/SCM)a
The experience overall was excellent and I would strongly recommend the training.
Maj General Gilbreth
United States Army
Very knowledgable instructor. Made the class fun. Crammed a lot into a little amount of time
The instructor honor all of our request and instructed in a very friendly and informative manner. Overall experience was excellent!!!
Yi Li
Folks really enjoyed the Cyber Intelligence class. One person told me it was the best class he had ever attended. It met our expectations of being good training on data mining and operational security awareness pertaining to navigating the internet, as well as being a great team building environment.
Lynda Mallow
DDS- Quantico
Mr. Larry Greenblatt is a phenomenal instructor! Just as important as being extremely knowledgeable. Which he is , he knows how to entertain and keep everyone's attention. The best , hands down , instructor I have had the pleasure of being in their class.
Rone Clift
Excellent instructor! He is extremely knowledgable + presented information in an exceptional manner. Good location, professional service
Jesse Witherspoon
Everything from the company was great. A) Instructors: Kudos B) Administration: Kudos C) Staff: Kudos. Thanks!
Carlos Salinas
KCG Holdings, Inc
Training is going great! The teacher is wonderful and spirited! Definitely keeps the brain tinker throughout the entire course. I thought I would need more study time after this course but I have realized I may just need another week or two after this is over to solidify it in my head then I will be ready.
Daniel Phan
Larry made the class enjoyable. I've taken many IT courses and Larry is one of the best
Noah Hull
Very educational experience. Very Professional, great food, very hospitable.
Victor Manzueta
Leo is one of the best IT instructors I've ever had. His understanding of the material helps him explain it efficiently.
Joe Ravida
ASRC Federal Analytical Services
Leo is the best instructor I've had. He has the ability to keep a high engergy level while breaking down complex issues into basic concepts
Jim Litchford
US Army Fort Wachuca
Just want to let you know the CEH training was extremely informative and fun. Remy was very professional, provided outstanding instruction, and passed on a wealth of personal experience that solidified the information presented in each module. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to expand their security knowledge and skills. I was wondering if you could let me know how may CEPs the training and test are rated for as I would like to use them toward my CISSP certification. Once again GREAT Course! Best, Matthew A. Bounds, CISSP, CEH Information Systems Security Manager ITT Exelis | Geospatial Systems
Matthew A. Bounds, CISSP, CEH
ITT Exelis Geospatial Systems
The CEH class was excellent. Great instructor and the small class size let us quickly move through the areas we were comfortable with in order to focus on our own weaknesses. Thanks for the support. I will certainly recommend Secure Ninja training to anyone stationed in the DC area! VR JFG JOHN F. GILBRETH MAJ, U.S. ARMY Division Information Assurance Manager
John Gilbreth
I enjoyed the class and the detailed stories to teach the points. It shows that the instructor has experienced the things that he is talking about. Thought it was well structured.
Alex Rancourt
Alright received a couple of certifications here. I love this company and always come here for course s etc. You will always be satisfied with SecureNinja services.
Cheray Lee
Larry is not only showed a high level of knowledge and expertise, but he made the class fun,. something you rarely get from instructors.
Brett Quinby
Instructor was awesome. Technically awesome. He sometime injected humor to lighten the atmosphere. I would LOVE to take another course with him. Perhaps CISSP training course with him! If I did not pass the final test it would not have been his fault! Fortunately I PASSED it and give him the thanks!
Corey Simpkins
Larry is an extremely knowledgeable instructor who puts all material in such a way that every student can understand, retain and enjoy the experience.
Jarrod Holmes
My overall experience in regard to the training was “great”. The instructor was very knowledgeable and in my personal opinion went above and beyond. I truly enjoyed my experience while attending. I am happy to say that I did pass the exam and is waiting for the certification to arrive.
Michael Little
As the Owner President of CMS and I've enjoyed the opportunity to actually take a course with Secure Ninja. By far one of the most beneficial investments and vendor training relationships I've established in not only meeting my personal certification goals but those of my employees. Outstanding back-end support from scheduling and billing. Excellent communication throughout the process. Excellent cadre of instructors. Secure Ninja offers cost competitive training with a huge return on the investment.
Will Farmer
Convergent Mission Solutions
The A+ course was good and the teacher was excellent.
Cotina Carrington
Social Security Administration
The class is great! The instructor is exceptional. He is a great teacher and very thorough. Actually, the entire staff has been very nice and helpful.
Yvonne Claytor
A very enjoyable experience .SecureNinja staff went out of their way to accommodate myself and other students.
Linh Sithihao
It was a pleasure to train with SecureNinja. I liked the Instructor and the program covered. Jeff Bardin was excellent. I am looking to attend another training with him in the future.
John Ronel
Amazing Class! We are going to request to post the awesome results in the monthly news letter at the MCNOSC. We are all jumping of happiness ;) My project & program manager have been notified of the successful outcome also. Maria Addis
Maria Addis
Leo is one of the best instructors I've had for any IT training. His knowledge and experience helped me gain a thorough unerstanding of the concepts and toold used in the CEH course. He also gave up some of his free time to study after class.
Kevin George
Best teacher I have had for a cert training. Very enjoyable, and teacher is very in true with students . Very helpful!
Cathy Saint
Experience with SecureNinja was great, instructor was excellent.
Julio Nava
I have been a computer professional since 1982 The technical understanding aspect of it has been a challenge even during training . This is the first time I have had an instructor to explain technical issues / terms in a way that was not at the engineering level. The instructor very knowledgeable . Teaching style little eccentric but deliverable very good. Great instructor /thoroughly enjoyed training. Teaching style made the training very interesting and related to business . This instructor shows how to mix your true passion in life with your professional life. Now I understand when people say ! " Keep your day job" you can have fun at work.
Barbara Ellington
I have been a government civilian for longer than I care to admit, but I must say, this training was one of the best in my career. The topics, media, instruction, facility, location, length, and pace were all EXCELLENT. The "state-of-the-art" delivery of media on mobile devices allows for portability and upload to personal shares back at the office. The material will not be in some binder never to be referenced again. Very relevant information that was current and useful. The pace of the course and the knowledge of the facilitator(s) were what made the course even more beneficial. RMF is new to most government employees in the cybersecurity arena, so having knowledgeable, well-versed, real world instructors provided an insight not normally available in these types of courses. I have also recommended this particular class/site to all of my Cybersecurity co-workers. This class is extremely helpful for those of us moving forward in the A&A area. Thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback.
Deedie Weaver
My overall experience with SecureNinja was great! Larry was a great teacher and kept what could have been boring information quite interesting. Also, you can add +1 to your pass rate. Took the test the Tuesday after the course finished and made it through!
Michael Shultz
Certainly believe that the experience was worth would and will have positive effects from a work + professional prospective.
Walter Lynch