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Blockchain Foundation Certification

Blockchain Foundation Bootcamp training

Course Description

SecureNinja’s Blockchain Foundation 2- day training and certification boot camp is designed to provide candidates with a well-rounded understanding of blockchain concepts. This course covers the potential for blockchain applications that can be used for solving real business problems within an organization, and this course provides an overview of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies as a use case of the blockchain. Candidates will understand blockchain technology well enough to put their knowledge to use in real life, and this course exposes candidates to real life blockchain and cryptocurrency trading with the purpose of using this knowledge in business opportunities. After completion of this course, candidates will be well equipped with fundamental blockchain knowledge, and candidates will also be comfortable with cryptocurrency concepts.

Why Choose Blockchain Foundation?

This course is a beginner level course designed for anyone who wants to learn or expand their knowledge of blockchain technology and how blockchain technology can be applied in business. This course can benefit anyone from CEO’s and board members to venture capitalists and investors. If you are interested in blockchain and cryptocurrencies but don’t know how they work, then this course is perfect for you.

Module Overview

This course is made up of 6 different modules.

  • Module 1: Blockchain overview
  • Module 2: Applications and Uses of Blockchain
  • Module 3: Working of Blockchain Demystified
  • Module 4: Crypto Economics
  • Module 5: Blockchain Alliances
  • Module 6: Future of Blockchain

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the history and origin of blockchain.
  • Explain the features and components of blockchain.
  • Identify and explain different types of blockchain.
  • Describe blockchain applications and uses cases.
  • Explain the working of blockchain technology.
  • Describe the concept of mining and how it is done.
  • Give an overview of crypto economics and crypto trading.
  • Enlist different types of cryptocurrencies.
  • Explain the concept of Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • Explain Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and Hyperledger.


A basic understanding of the internet is recommended prior to enrolling in this course.

Exam Details

Number of Questions: 40
Duration: 60 minutes
Pass Score: 65%




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